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Organize a memorable moment in order to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Delhaize.

The Delhaize members must feel proud to be part of this incredible Belgian success story. Delhaize launched a long tender process with 9 selected Belgian agencies.

The competition was organized in 3 phases, lasting 4 months.



After winning this huge pitch, we worked for 14 months to organize our event concept.

Using an empty car park in Brussels, we organized a huge Food & Music Festival for the 15.000 Delhaize employees over 3 days (5.000 people/day).


We have organized and managed everything from A to Z. We have put together a 16 people full time team in order to manage the 300+ people who worked on the organization.


The event was a huge success: "Above expectations" as Delhaize CEO loved to say.

It's still the agency's most important achievement.

It's a real pride to have organized this event, which was held in the presence of the Belgian King Philippe.

Pictures say much more than words, Enjoy!



Concept, Strategy, Event Organization, Field & Activation, Production, Studio, Print, CRM Management, Protocol Management,…

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