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Delhaize is the first retailer to collaborate with the country's top chefs. For years, the brand has been selling products signed by Yves Mattagne**, Lionel Rigolet**, Peter Goossens*** and five other Chefs.

The briefing was summarized in a single sentence: Delhaize wants to create a campaign as well as a major event in order to recall this historic collaboration. Any ideas are welcome.



We proposed a national campaign for a competition: Win your place to participate in the most exciting cooking class ever held with top chefs.

Twice in 2 years we have organized the Delhaize Biggest Cooking Event together with 6 Michelin star Chefs. We have set up 101 fully equipped kitchens in order to allow 200 people to follow and cook simultaneously the complete menu (starter, main course, dessert) proposed by the Chef. The Chef stands on the stage in front of the 200 competitors.


With unprecedented logistics, we organized 2 sessions per day, that is 400 participants cooking per day.
Within two editions, over 40.000 online registrations and more than 4.000 winners have had the chance to participate to this unique and biggest cooking event.


Brand perception: Promote Delhaize brand & products, promote Delhaize as innovative retailer and food specialist

Commitment: “Learn how to cook as a Michelin Starred Chef” – transform participants into ambassadors, create a FUZZ (Fun + buzz), reward loyal customers.

Commercial: Drive traffic to the stores (couponing, recipes,…), promote online services, extend the experience with downloadable version of each recipe, short video clip of each recipe with the explanation by chef.


Some figures that confirm the amazing logistical challenges: 5000m2, 101 kitchens, 36 ovens, 101 food processors, over 800 cooking pots and pans, 50 back office staff, ...


With this event, the agency competed at the BEA (Best Event Agency) contest and for its very first participation, was awarded with the first place and a Gold BEA.



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