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AG Real Estate is completely renovating the City2 in Brussels and must temporarily close all Food stores for 6 months. They wanted us to imagine and implement an alternative to continue to offer City2 users the possibility of eating and drinking as well as coming back to them with a turnkey concept.



We have created a concept from scratch: The FOOD District.
From a single room, we imagined the general offer, created the plans, set up, designed and decorated the spaces, imagined the food corners, created the identity of each corner, created the identity that globalizes the whole, created and named the 7 food offers in collaboration with a chef, created the recipes, set up the business model, etc.

We created and managed everything from scratch to opening and closing.


We organized the opening, managed the PR and ePR relations during the whole period, ran the headlines "First Food Market opens in Brussels", collaborated day after day with the operators of the 7 food corners and finally managed the SoMe and the CM.



Concept Creation, Strategy, Creativity, Copy, Studio, PR & ePR, Organisation, Field Management, Sponsoring, Synergies, Production, Construction & Installation, Digital Management, SoMe, CM

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